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Our Lasers

Kremedy-med-spa Lasers can do wonderful things for your skin and appearance if done correctly but there is always a risk with all medical procedures. Therefore, we will take all precautions starting with a detailed history, skin typing, and exam. There are certain medical conditions and medications that do not react well to laser treatment and in which laser treatments are not recommended. Then we may do a test spot and have you return in 48 hours if deemed necessary.
A great deal of dedication and time is required to sort through all of the new (and often not so new) technology that is marketed simultaneously to aesthetic professionals and to the public. We're dedicated to offering only those treatments which we feel are safe, reproducible, and not associated with prolonged 'downtime'.
We have several of the latest Candela technology lasers/light, VBeam, and Gentlewaves so that we can offer you the most effective and appropriate technology for your skin type and treatment. We will tell you if there is another laser that is more appropriate for what you need even if it's not one of ours. We would rather have you go somewhere else than to be disappointed with our results.

  Safety first  

All patients for laser and injectible services which are medical procedures, will be seen and examined by the Medical Director on-site during each visit. This is in compliance with the South Carolina Medical Board policy and to ensure your safety. Our laser procedures are performed by a physician or a nurse directly under physician supervision and include. Most services require multiple treatments. Most treatments do not require pain management; however, topical anesthesia can be applied prior to any treatment. In addition, our Candela laser equipment is equipped with its unique dynamic cooling device for added comfort and safety.

  We strive to provide natural enhancement of your beauty.  
Benefits with our laser treatments
  • We have the latest laser technology to offer the most effective treatments.
  • Minimal to no downtime.
  • Tighter skin with a firmer feel and an all-over glow.
  • Reduce fine lines and wrinkles, remove sun damage discoloration, improve rosacea and broken blood vessels, tighten skin, or remove unwanted hair.
  • Minimal to no pain. If you are very sensitive, we will offer a topical anesthetic cream application prior to the procedure.
Friendly and expert health-care
  • Advanced medical technology.
  • Understandable information about procedures and treatments.
  • Appointments that meet your needs.
  • A staff that respects your time.
  • Answers to your questions and concerns.
  • An enthusiasm to treat you as an individual

  Why Laser Skin Rejuvenation?  
The visible signs of aging cannot be fully avoided, but can be dramatically minimized. The key is to do it as gently as possible. As far as the skin is concerned there are two types of aging – intrinsic and extrinsic. Intrinsic aging involves the inevitable; as we grow older, our skin naturally becomes thinner and drier. Diminished amounts of collagen makes the skin less elastic. What used to bounce back begins to sag. Static, deep wrinkles may begin appearing. The rate of these events is genetically determined for each person; the process first becomes noticeable between the ages of 30 and 35. Extrinsic aging results from exposure to the environment. Extrinsic aging is the critical element in determining who looks older or younger than their biological age. Exposure to sunlight is a key contributor to extrinsic aging. Photoaging occurs when elastin and a collagen breakdown are not replaced, causing fine lines and wrinkles to intensify. Photoaging also causes pigment changes with development of age spots (sun-induced freckles) and uneven skin tone. Spider veins and dilated capillaries are another sign of photoaged skin. Lifestyle choices also have an impact on extrinsic aging. Cigarette smoking contributes to the breakdown of elastin and collagen and impairs the body's healing capacity.
The simplest way to see the contrast between intrinsic and extrinsic aging is to compare skin commonly exposed to the sun (face, hands, and neck) and skin not exposed to the sun (usually on the breasts, inner arms or buttocks).

Vbeam™ Pulsed-dye Laser Treatment -Laser Treatment of Vascular Lesions

The Vbeam laser is a 595 pulsed dye laser and the Vbeam's versatility allows it be used used to treat a wide range of vascular lesions, including: periorbital wrinkles, facial veins, rosacea, port wine stains, hemangiomas and red scars. The pulsed dye laser has also been demonstrated to be effective in treatment of a sun damaged condition that occurs on the neck and chest area that gives the appearance of persistent redness. This condition is called Poikiloderma of Civatte. It has also been used for patients with persistent red noses, thickened red scars. Most conditions that this laser treats require multiple treatment sessions for optimal results. By selectively cooling the epidermis, while leaving the underlying target at normal temperatures, the DCD minimizes thermal injury, pain, and the risks associated with anesthesia without decreasing the effectiveness of the laser treatments.

How Does it work?
The V-beam laser treatment delivers an intense but gentle burst of light to the skin. The light is absorbed by the blood vessels in the dermis. These blood vessels are reabsorbed by the body, allowing for a cleaner, more refreshed appearance. The procedure itself is not particularly painful; most patients liken it to the snapping of a rubber band against the skin.

What kind of scars can benefit from the VBeam Laser?
Whether or not Vbeam laser treatments are right for you depends on the type of scar you wish to treat, because the amount of improvement in your scar after Vbeam laser treatments depends on the type and severity of it. Scar types include acne, stretchmarks, surgical, and accidental, Mild or moderate scars may become nearly unnoticeable, while severe scars will be reduced but may still be present. Vbeam laser treatments are used on scars that are red or pink; they are usually not effective on indented scars or those that are light in color. The darker the color of your scar, the more effectively the Vbeam laser will be able to target it.

Is the treatment safe?
It is extremely safe. There are no major side effects. Side effects may include purpura, redness and swelling in the treated area. These are very rare and only occur with aggressive treatments and usually do not last more than a few days.

What precautions should be taken before and after treatment with the Vbeam?
Before undergoing Vbeam laser treatments, you should avoid sun exposure; a tan will make the procedure less effective. It is not recommended for patients with very dark skin tones, because it is more drawn to the skin pigment than to the blood vessels, and can cause discoloration. It is most effective on those with very pale skin, because there will be more contrast between the dark blood vessels and the light skin. Do not take medication containing aspirin for 3 days before, and 2 weeks after, your laser treatment. Do not use Retin A for several days after each Vbeam laser treatment.

Vbeam Laser Recovery Period
The Vbeam laser is a non-ablative laser. Because it does not remove a layer of skin, the recovery time is shorter than with other (ablative) laser treatments. Afterwards, the treated skin will be red for up to a day. The skin may also be tender, similar to a mild sunburn. You may not see results for several weeks after your laser treatment session.

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GentleYAG for spider veins

Our lasers successfully treat small red veins (telangiactasia) and other red and blue veins that are 3mm in diameter or smaller. Laser Vein Therapy is light energy through a laser hand-piece, targeting the spider vein in a series of brief pulses. This treatment is virtually pain-free and results can be permanent*. The light energy is absorbed as heat by the blood vessels causing a coagulation effect, allowing the vessels to be reabsorbed by your body.
Come in and rid yourself of those unwanted veins, and enjoy clear even toned legs!

This treatment will not prevent future spider veins from possibly occurring.

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GentleYAG for skin tightening

This long-pulsed YAG laser is currently the fastest and most powerful in its class and it has recently been approved for skin tightening. The GentleYag safely penetrates deep enough and is excellent to deliver a thermal stimulus within the dermis, and thus initiate new collagen formation. It's ideal for treating mild to moderate skin laxity. It is also effective in tightening skin on other areas of the body. Unlike using RF energy to tighten skin, the 1064nm energy appears to penetreate sufficiently to 3exhibit the equivalent if not superior tissue-tightening results without the accompanying risk of fat atropy often associated with electrical resistence heating. It's also a much faster and comfortable procedure. In fact, GentleYag skintightening can be delivered in a fraction of the time at a fraction of the cost versus RF.

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GentleLASE by Candela for Laser Hair Removal

For many women and men, unwanted hair is a nuisance – or even a source of embarrassment. Until recently, laser hair removal has been uncomfortable, time consuming, expensive and provided results that were inconsistent at best. Now, revolutionary long-pulse high-energy Alexandrite laser is ideal for safely removing unwanted hair from almost all skin types. Results are far better, treatments safer, faster and more comfortable than ever before. Combined with Candela's patented Dynamic Cooling Device™, this laser provides comfortable, safe and effective treatment by cooling the upper layers of the skin while effectively treating unwanted hair. The GentleLASE system is also effective for the treatment of pigmented lesions. A complimentary consultation is necessary before scheduling your first treatment to ensure that you will have a successful and painless procedure. Of note, there is no one laser ideal for all skin types. We may choose to use a different laser is for dark skin for safety reasons.

Treatment areas for men include
Between the eyebrows Back & shoulders
External ears Chest
Back of neck Abdomen
Front of neck Chest & abdomen
Full beard area Back, shoulder, chest & abdomen
Shoulders Back Back, shoulders, chest with abdomen & back of neck
Treatment areas for women include
Upper lip Around breast area
Chin Back of hairline
Sideburns Bikini
Mid-cheeks Abdomen (line of hair)
Forehead Bikini & underarms
Full face Lower legs to above knee
Upper lip & chin Upper legs (thighs)
Underarms Feet & toes
Arms Full legs & feet
Laser Hair Removal for Men

Call it deforestation, manscaping or de-fuzzing. Whatever you call it, hair removal for men is gaining popularity. Hair removal by laser, as opposed to waxing, provides a permanent result without the need for unattractive hair growth between treatments. Professional athletes, bodybuilders, swimmers, cyclists, triathletes and many others require a hair free physique. Other men simply like the idea of feeling more confident free of unwanted hair that makes them feel uncomfortable.
In some cases, men are looking for a reduction in the amount of hair and don't necessarily want to be totally bare. Some men who feel self conscious about the hair on their back, chest, legs, hands or abdomen are very pleased to see the reduction that two or three treatments might offer.
Your privacy is very important to us. We are very discreet about all services provided.

What to Expect During a Laser Hair Removal Treatment

Prior to your first treatment, you will have a consultation. During the consultation, we will determine your skin type, review any medications you have been taking and get a general health history.
If you are on medications that could create photosensitivity, or if there is an issue in your medical history that could result in a less than ideal treatment, we will either perform a test spot or inform you that laser hair removal may not be safe or effective at this time.
Following the consultation, if we determine you are a good candidate, we will proceed with treatment starting with a test spot. This spot typically is inside the arm. While we wait a few minutes to see what effect the test spot has on your skin, we will ask that you specifically let us know what hair you want removed.
Excessive sun exposure either before or after laser treatments are not advised and we will not perform LHR on individuals who have had or will have excessive sun exposure immediately before or immediately after laser treatments. Individuals who go to tanning beds are never good candidates for laser hair removal as this concentrated form of UVA light is considered by many to be far more dangerous than traditional sun exposure.
Each person receiving a laser treatment will be wearing protective eyewear. You will still be able to see a flash of light, but your eyes will be completely covered. The laser technicians wear a type of eyewear, as well.
During the treatment, all areas of the body that will not be lasered will be covered with clothing. Only the areas to receive laser treatment will be exposed. Much like massage, we use modesty towels to cover any area adjacent to the area being treated. We are always mindful of your comfort and your peace of mind. There won't be any surprises as we will let you know ahead of time what to expect.
As a medical office we must always follow HIIPA (privacy guidelines). These laws prohibit us from sharing your experience with others.
We ask that you arrive on time for your appointment. We also ask that you shave whatever possible yourself. Shaving the full bikini area may be tough for some, but we encourage you to try. Patients are typically much more comfortable shaving themselves than when we have to shave them. We also ask that you are freshly showered or bathed with completely clean skin, without lotions, creams or fragrances of any kind before coming in. Following a treatment you may feel a little sensitive, but generally people just feel very clean and sleek. More good news is you don't need to wait for hair to grow in like waxing, you can continue shaving any hair you see (it will be reduced immediately).

Hair Removal pre- and post- instructions:
Pretreatment Instructions
  • Avoid sun exposure for at least 2 weeks prior to treatment. This includes tanning beds and spray-on tans.
  • The area that is going to be treated needs to be shaved before hair removal is performed for better results.
  • Discontinue all other hair removal methods. This includes waxing, hair removal creams and electrolysis. These treatments should be stopped 4-6 weeks prior to laser hair removal.
  • Discontinue use of exfoliant products 2 weeks prior to treatment (Retin A).
  • Daily use of SPF 30.
  • No deodorant or makeup should be on the skin at time of treatment.
  • Refrain from using any lotions or body glitters on the day of treatment.
  • Any anesthesia used can only be used on limited body surface area, so please consult with clinic before use.
  • If you have a history of perioral herpes, prophylactic antiviral treatment should be started one day before treatment and continue one week after.
Post Treatment Instrustions
  • Mild sunburn-like sensation is expected; this can last 2-24 hours but may persist for up to 72 hours.
  • Treated area will have some redness and edema (swelling).
  • Aloe vera and ice packs will be used to reduce any discomfort after treatments.
  • Makeup should be avoided until redness and swelling subsides. It is recommended to use new makeup to reduce the risk of infections.
  • Treated hairs may feel dry or bristly.
  • Bathe as usual. Cool baths or showers may offer relief.
  • Avoid sun exposure to reduce the chance of skin color changes.
  • Avoid aggressive scrubbing, rubbing or scratching of the area.
  • Apply a moisturizer to dry or itchy skin twice a day until resolved.
  • Trimming and shaving are allowed during treatments. Do not use other hair removal methods on treated areas.
  • Avoid hot tubs, pools, and Jacuzzis for 7 days or until the redness is resolved.
  • Do not pick at or remove scabs.
  • If blistering occurs, let it heal spontaneously. Apply antibiotic ointment to the area twice a day until healed.
  • Hairs that were not in the active growing phase will enter that phase in 4-6 weeks.
  • 5-14 days after the treatment the surface hair will start to shed; this is not new growth. You may remove the hair by washing or wiping the surface with a wet cloth. The hair will fall out on its own.
  • If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our office.
  Hair Removal Questions:  

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GentleLASE by Candela for Sun Damage

Our Gentlelase laser is extremely effective for the safe removal of pigmentation in sunspots, melasma, and cafe au lait lesions. It will leave you with a clear, smooth complexion. The number of sessions vary from person to person and also the area being treated. For the majority of people an average of 1 to 3 sessions are required to fade or remove pigmented lesions and imperfections. After the treatment, you'll be able to resume almost all normal daily activities by using adequate sunscreen and limiting sun exposure to the treated areas. Most patients experience a slight darkening of the lesion treated which is sometimes accompanied by a reddening or local swelling of the surrounding skin. Between 1 to 3 weeks, the darkened leasions fade and/or flake off.

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Before After
Before After

Gentle Waves LED Photomodulation technology is the interaction of light delivered through LED's (light emitting diodes) to activate skin cells causing them to produce collagen. This technology converts light energy within the cells, similar to the way photosynthesis takes sunlight and turns it into food energy in plants. Gentle Waves technology can now offer a totally natural, non-invasive method of skin rejuvenation to reduce the visible signs of aging.
Gentle Waves does not rely on thermal energy so there is no trauma to the skin, no pain or discomfort and no side effects. The main benefit is a smoother, softer and creamier looking skin with reduction in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, freckles, brown spots and skin redness.
A series of six to eight treatments is recommended and you can be treated up to twice a week since there is no thermal effects to the skin.

Other major benefits form Gentle Waves LED photomodulation include:

Painless, No anesthesia, No discomfort, No downtime, Very quick, Safe, and affordable compared to other anti-aging treatments.
Gentle Waves has been scientifically tested and FDA submitted studies demonstrated a 60% global improvement in overall skin quality. In addition, Gentle Waves has been found to be extremely effective in improving the appearance of the neck and chest which has been difficult to treat up to now. Gentle Waves LED photomodulation can also be used in conjunction with other procedures such as microdermabrasion ,Botox, and lasers to enhance the results.

More Technically Speaking

LED photomodulation emulates photosynthesis in human skin cells, using the cell's own cytochromes to build new proteins just as plants use chlorophyll to convert sunlight into structural building blocks. GentleWaves uses low wattage light directed through the skin's epidermis aimed at fibroblast cells, which produce collagen and elastin. The light stimulates the cell's own energy transport system, producing more structural proteins. This causes an increase in the volume of the epidermis and improves tone and elasticity.

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Before   After

Smoothbeam is a simple and effective treatment for acne in which a laser is used to treak the sebaceous glands beneath the surface of your skin, where the trouble is caused.

The Smoothbeam laser is the first device specifically designed to target the root cause of acne, the sebaceous gland. It provides the perfect balance of controlled cooling of the epidermis with precise heating of the upper dermis. And for patients seeking smoother skin, Smoothbeam safely improves acne scars and softens fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes.

  • Acne & Acne Scars
  • Sebaceous Hyperplasia
  • Skin Rejuvination
  • Periorbital and Perioral Wrinkles
What is the Smoothbeam laser and why is it safe?

The smoothbeam laser produces an intense but gentle burst of light that selectively alters the sebaceous glasnds that are the cause of acne without damaging the surrounding tissue. After laser treatment the surrounding tissue is left intact and normal pigmentation occurs. The epidermis is protected during the treatment with the Dynamic Cooling Device, which sprays a cooling cryogen mist onto the skin before and after each laser pulse, which also increases patient comfort.

Over 80% of your skin is made up of water. The Smoothbeam laser emits a wavelength of light that is strongly absorbed by the water in your skin. As the laser penetrates into the skin, heat is generated in and around the sebaceous glands creates a mild thermal injury that changes the structure and function of the glands

How does the Smoothbeam help improve the look of acne scars?

There is no current method or therapy that will completely remove scars. The Smoothbeam laser can improve the look and feel of most scars by stimulating the collagen production in the deep layers of your skin. Multiple treatments are usually necessary to achieve improvment; the amount of improvement depends on the size and severity of the scar. Most patients notice improvement 6-8 weeks after their first treatment. Please note that although we have seen significant improvements using the Smoothbeam laser, the laser will not completely remove acne or acne scars.

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Before After
Before After
Matrix Fractionated CO2 Laser

As a person ages, their collagen production begins to decline which leads to the breakdown of the skin's underlying support structure. The daily exposure to the sun's harmful UV rays and other environmental elements can cause the skin to become discolored and premature wrinkles may emerge. Matrix Fractional CO2 laser provides wrinkle reduction, overall tissue tightening and textural improvement. Treatments with the Matrix Fractional CO2 laser will enhance the skin's strength and elasticity. The skin will have a smoother, tighter texture, and pigmentation problems will diminish. Dr. Han has precise control over the intensity of the treatment and each individual treatment can be tailored to a specific need and allotted downtime.

"Dr. Han and I discussed a series of 3 Fractionated CO2 treatments. The first treatment on Monday, I tolerated without any numbing cream and there was no down time. My face was a glowing pink but easily covered with makeup on Tuesday morning.

When we scheduled the second treatment, I wanted to be more aggressive. We used the numbing cream and I was aware there would be down time. (I felt just a tingle when the laser was being used. No discomfort at all.) There was some pinpoint bleeding after I got home but Dr. Han reassured me this was normal and to be expected. My treatment was on Monday and by Friday makeup easily covered the rosy color. Ten days after the treatment gives one a good idea of the finished product - smoother skin with a more even skin tone.

The third treatment we again were as aggressive (with numbing cream) as the second. This time I was expecting the same bleeding and the same amount of down time. I was pleasantly surprised. There were only 2 or 3 specks of blood and I was able to wear makeup by Thursday. I am pleased with the results I am seeing now ... smoother skin, applying makeup is easier, and skin discolorations are gone. Also, results will continue for the next few months!" - DJ W

"I was looking forward to my first treatment with Dr. Han. I had no particular expectations other than looking a little fresher in general. The results far exceeded my expectations. The procedure begins with an application of a numbing cream, after 30 minutes the Laser begins. the pain level was minimal for me, although my neck was bit more sensitive. I had no pain or swelling after. My skin was quite dry and soaked up the moisturizer. Down time was 2 days of redness followed by 5 days of a tanned look. Within a week I was noticing tightening around my eyes, cheeks, lips and chin. So were others. The second treatment was more aggressive. The pain level was approximately the same, but I did have swelling around my eyes, nose, and mouth quite a bit of redness and a fair amount of itching. My swelling subsided over 2-3 days. The redness and swelling were completely gone within 1 week. The results are far beyond my expectations. My skin definitely more toned, smooth, and full around my eyes, lips, and cheeks with the biggest surprise being my neck and chin. The wrinkles and fullness under the chin are greatly improved. I am so happy! I really didn't expect such a change. Thank you Dr. Han. - Jan

"I have pretty good skin but the pore size of my nose really bothered me and I've tried everything. I could tell with my first laser treatment that there was a big difference. There wasn't much downtime. The second treatment was painless with numbing cream and my nose felt like sandpaper but looked okay to go to work the next day. I could tell even a bigger difference. I am looking forward to having the 3rd treatment." -GM


Electrolysis is a permanent reduction of female light-colored facial hair and therefore an option for those who are not candidates for laser hair removal. Electrolysis destroys the growth center of the hair with a very fine probe that is inserted into the hair follicle. There are generally no permanent side effects, but sometimes a temporary, slight reddening of the skin may occur.

Patricia Howerter L.E. and Registered Electrologist, started her own Electrolysis practice in New York and currently has over 30 yrs experience in Electrolysis. She is truly an expert and always takes precautions to ensure a safe, effective treatment with minimal discomfort. If you are interested in having Electrolysis, call today to schedule a consultation with Patricia Howerter L.E. (Because everyone's needs are different, we cannot offer phone consultations or quotes on her behalf. Consultations are obligation-free.)

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